About Us

Colombo is a vibrant, compact and interesting city, rich in culture, history and heritage. There is so much to see and do!

The city traffic, however, is a little unruly sometimes—and the best way to get around the chaos, is by taking a tuk tuk. The three-wheeled taxis, fondly known by locals as 'tuk-tuks' for the sound of their sputtering little engines, are notoriously fast, easy to park, and can manoeuver through the tiny streets of this compact city with ease, making it a great way to experience Colombo's disorderly charm.

Suba Gaman is about offering travellers the exhilarating experience of riding a tuk tuk within a safe environment assisted by trained, English-speaking drivers. It is easily, the most fun way to have your own local friend and guide to show you around with their own stories and inherent knowledge of the city.

As part of our standard itinerary, we have a list of 'non-touristy', rather rare, quirky recommendations that will give you a current and honest sneak-peek into Colombo life.

"Suba gaman", in the native Sinhala tongue, is a positive affirmation, for a happy journey. And that's certainly what you will enjoy with us.